Show Your Emotion With The Father Of The Bride Speech

As a father, it can be difficult to open up and show emotion. This is especially the case in front of a large group of people at a wedding. But as the bride’s father, you want to show how much you care about her and how happy you are for her.

Typically, the father of the bride speech comes first. Therefore, it is your job to set the tone and keep the mood lighthearted and happy. It is your time to talk about your daughter and welcome your son in law into the family.

To start, you want to acknowledge your daughter and tell a story or two from when she was little. You can tell an embarrassing story if you like, but be careful about making it too embarrassing. It is generally safer to tell a story that shows how she got where she is today.

Next, say a few things about the groom. Say things like he is a fine man or you are happy your daughter found someone like him. You want to make it known you are excited to have him in the family and be able to consider him as a son.

Lastly, give a toast and wish the couple a life full of love and happiness. A wedding is a time to celebrate, so you will be happy to know as the dad that you do not have to give a long speech. Keep it short, sweet and personal. It is your job to open up the speeches on the right foot and keep the wedding moving along.

Father Of The Bride Speech Resource

Father of the Bride Speeches - Videos

Here are a couple of the best Father of the Bride videos you could ever find. Every father should watch it to learn how to deliver outstanding father of the bride speeches gaining control and overcoming the emotional feelings that always seem to crawl in in these situations. Watch both the videos (one is a video clipping from the movie Father of the Bride)and click the link below if you wish to learn more on how to deliver best of the bests Father of the Bride Speeches.

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Father of the Bride Speeches - getting prepared in advance helps

Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the Bride Speeches are best delivered when they are planned and prepared much before the rush hours. Delivering a Father of the Bride speech on your daughter’s wedding is indeed a daunting task. As the father of the bride you have huge responsibilities and several important duties to perform during the course of the day. Due to hectic schedule of work, your nerve will be anything but cool. At the same time you will be emotionally stressed as you hand over your daughter to the bridegroom. The very thought of detachment will make your heart heavy, making it difficult for you to speak at all, let alone the Father of the Bride Speech. So if you are thinking of delivering an extempore speech as the father of the bride on the wedding day, you are going to make a thorough mess up. That does not mean that you should scratch your head endlessly, like many fathers do, just to deliver father of the bride speech. A little bit of preparation can help you to deliver a memorable father of the bride speech.

You can structure your speech in the following manner:

  1. Welcome and thank all the guests

  2. Reflect on a few memorable moments with your daughter and express how much she means to you.

  3. Say affectionate words about your son in law and mention what positive impact he has made on your daughter

  4. Wish the newly married couple happiness in future

  5. Propose a toast for the good health and happiness of the couple

Perfect Father of the Bride Speeches require that you devote time for each of the above points mentioned above. First of all you have to prepare a list of the individuals whom you have to welcome and thank – the guests, the parents of the bridegroom in particular and all those involved in planning and organizing the marriage. You have to delve deep into the memory lane and jot down certain memorable moments of joy and happiness you shared with your daughter and should consider including them in your Father of the Bride’s Speech. It is very important for you to mention that your daughter is the most precious gift God has ever given you. Best father of the bride speeches also require that you make special effort to note down the good qualities of your son in law and mention the same in your speech. You should be careful enough to avoid any negative feeling and wrap up your speech with a note of optimism about the all round success and happiness of the newly married couple. You may spice up your speech with certain amount of joke or humor so long as it does not hurt the feeling of anyone.

After writing the father of the bride speech, you need to practice a lot to make it perfect. But mere perfection may not be sufficient to make your speech a memorable one. Unless you focus on the style and attitude and add feelings in your speech, you may end up with a perfect but hackneyed delivery. It will be better to seek help from experienced individuals in this area. Remember that getting emotional during a Father of the Bride Speech is perfectly alright and has always been the essence of great Father of the Bride Speeches ever delivered.